How to Cut Snowflakes

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When the holidays roll around there are so many fun do it yourself crafts and diy ideas you can enjoy with family and friends. This video tutorial on how to cut snowflakes is a great diy idea that won't cost you a lot to do. With free snowflake templates that you can print out on cardstock at 100 percent or full size, and then cut out whichever you’d like to use. You'll want to watch the video to learn how to properly fold the paper and cut the snowflakes. The short video covers making snowflakes using the templates along with diy ideas for making snowflakes using your designs. Some snowflakes tips that may help with your diy craft for home are that it's easier to cut through the folded paper if you open your scissors up wide instead of trying to cut with just the tips of the scissors. Ironing the paper snowflakes flat using medium heat helps the snowflakes to hang better and retain their shape. You can hang snowflakes from the ceiling or Christmas tree using simple bakers twine or thread. You can also tape the paper snowflakes to the walls or to the windows.

Making paper snowflakes is one of those do it yourself crafts that has been around forever. All you need is simple white paper or cardstock, and you have an easy DIY craft for home. Everyone remembers making snowflakes as a kid; it's one of those dry ideas that you can sit around the table with family and friends and cut designs to be used on top of gifts, on the Christmas tree, on windows and walls and more. You can make some new paper snowflakes each year and add to your collection storing them flatly in a book as to preserve their shape. A Christmas tree covered with paper snowflakes gives a rustic look when decorated with handmade paper stars and handmade decorations. You can make a holiday tradition with the kids with this simple DIY idea. Cutting paper snowflakes is a great indoor activity for kids. The diy idea doesn't take a lot of time, nor does it cost a lot of money and it's easy for the kids to do on their own.

On the site, you will find templates for diamond, star, lace, hearts, snowmen and forest snowflakes that can be printed on paper or cardstock to get you started. You will love these simple templates with the diamond and star being the easiest as they use straight lines that school ages children can handle. The lace and hearts are a little more difficult, and the snowmen and forest will need some help from the adults.

You will find this do it yourself craft on the It's Always Autumn site. On this site, you will find all sorts of diy ideas and diy crafts for home along with ideas to celebrate, fun for the kids, photography, free printable, recipe ideas, sewing projects, tips and tricks and so much more. **

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