Green Gables has been one of this companies TOP model for years

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When it comes to log house construction, there are many different styles, sizes and types of log house designs. Meadowlark Log Homes does a fantastic job of giving their customers plenty of log house designs and options to choose from. The Green Gables log house design is just one of their many log home models, and it is one of the company's top models too. This design makes for the perfect smaller log home great for smaller families or couples. It features one bedroom on the main floor and another bedroom in the loft which could also make a great office space too. Some of the notable features of the log home's interior include a log wall with an arched passageway into the next room, a gorgeous handcrafted log stairway to the loft, a lovely cathedral ceiling and an open concept living area. The log house is 1,049 square feet in total with 768 square feet on the main floor and 281 square feet in the loft area. There's also the option to get a covered porch which adds another 192 square feet of livable space onto the home. The pre-assembled log house package starts at USD 34,787, and if you pay for it up front, you will get a 4% discount.

Everything is included in this Pre-assembled Log Package. Meadowlark Log Homes says that they include everything that is a log and nothing that is not a log, except for the steel rebar pins. The pricing doesn't include the delivery or the assembly of the log house on the property. Meadowlark Log Homes specialize in the design and pre-assembly of these pre-assembled log houses, but they also offer re-assembly services in some places. You just have to check and see where they are licensed to build. If they aren't able to build in your area, you can check in with their affiliate company, Amish Construction who can re-assemble your log house or cabin for you. If these options are not available to you, you can contact Meadowlark Log Homes, and they will help you find a building contractor in your area to help you with log house construction services. Meadowlark Log Homes can provide complete pre-assembled home packages, as well as basement framing and interior framing. They will also be able to install the subfloor the porch deck floor and the loft floor as well. They'll also take care of the tongue and groove ceiling, insulation, fascia and felt on the roof but not the final roofing product. They do window and door installation, covered porch installation and railing installation.

An average price for one of Meadowlark Log Home's buildings can be from $175 per square foot to $350 per square foot but it all depends on the design and added features and fixtures. You can figure out the overall cost to build your own Meadowlark log house by taking the number you see on the plan you like and then multiply that number by 6. For example, the log home package for the Green Gables design is $34,787 x 6= $208,722 which would be your estimated total. Of course, this price can vary a lot, especially if you decide to re-assemble the log home yourself or help out on the construction of it. You could even save money by doing some of the work yourself and then hand the rest over to contractors. Also, the finished product includes all lighting, fixtures like toilets, sinks and showers, as well as appliances. So be sure to factor those costs in when you're planning out your own dream log house designs.***

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