Best and Worst Booze While Dieting

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Do you know the best and worst booze while dieting to drink? Coming home from a difficult day, or just finishing a difficult day, especially when you are dieting, can be made a lot easier if you have something to look forward to. Just be sure that your choice of drink when you do get home does not gobble up the calories, sugars, carbohydrates or other units of measure that you are using to keep track of what you eat and drink.

Alcohol generally contains so many calories that you have to give up a lot of food in order to fit a drink in to the diet. Even with lite beer and wine it is going to add up quickly. A gram of alcohol has seven calories whereas a gram of sugar has only four calories. So it is a big jump to take calories in via alcohol. Of course, a drink here and there can always work, just be sure you are not having a drink each day, or you will only be able to take in the proverbial liquid lunch, literally.

Wine is among the good choices that you can make. Red wine has plenty to offer besides only about 150 calories for every four ounces. Red wine also contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that promotes heart health and may enhance weight loss, contributes to lowered blood pressure, and other health benefits. Remember, though, that a piece of angel food cake is also about the same number of calories, although it doesn’t provide the same health benefits that red wine is thought to provide. You will be happy to know that champagne makes the good choice list. Mix it a la Mimosa style and you have a drink that also provides you with some vitamin C from the orange juice that adds up to only about 90 calories.

You might be sorry to know that beer is one of the worst choices as far as calorie count. Although beer, because it is made from malt, barley, grains, and other similar ingredients, contains traces of vitamin B, it is a high calorie choice with few health benefits. The other challenge, of course, is limiting yourself to just a single cold one, something that can prove difficult on a hot summer’s day.Alcohol can provide some health benefits, and it can taste great at the end of a day to enjoy a glass of wine or beer. Just remember the calorie count, and that alcohol can lower your resistance and inhibitions and you may also eat more than you had intended.

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